Natural Woven Shades

Natural Woven Shades and Woven Selections provide beautiful organic characteristics that can stand alone on any window or be combined with drapery and other window treatments to add an additional touch of elegance.

Also known as Bamboo Shades, Grass Clothes and Woven Woods, Natural Woven Shades are made by looming unique combinations of wood, bamboo, rattan, jute and other natural products to create an almost endless pallet of warm & colorful selections. Natural Woven Selection Shade material can be used to cover windows with shades that raise & lower or sliding glass doors and window walls with designs that traverse from side to side. Natural weaves give you numerous choices in texture and design and add an earthy touch to any room in your home. Woven shades can have fabric liners to add extra light filtration or even provide full room darkening. Rope and twin can be woven into the shade for additional texture and style. Decorative trim options and edge bindings can create a beautifully personalized look for any window treatment.