Shutters Santa Barbara Homes

Why Shutters are Perfect for Santa Barbara Homes

Some of the first window shutters were used in Greece, Italy, and Spain. Back before glass, it was important to be able to control the amount of fresh air and sunlight that was coming in. Shutters were the perfect option in the area, because often the sun needed some blocking due to the excess light, but having some degree of warmth and fresh ocean air was still desirable.

Shutters Santa Barbara Homes

The same logic can be applied when considering the popularity of shutters in Santa Barbara. In terms of weather, Santa Barbara is very similar to the Mediterranean. On most days, there is plenty of sun, and excessive heat and cold are rare. Window shutters help make the most out of the good weather, and offer protection when it is less than perfect. Here are some reasons to consider shutters.

1. They are adjustable to meet weather conditions. Shutters are a lot like blinds in the way they control light, but they have the added benefit of being able to control the flow of air.

2. They are sturdier and more flexible than blinds. Blinds are also interconnected, while shutters operate independently. This means you can open one shutter, and close the other — something you normally can’t do with blinds.

3. They help maintain warmth when it is cooler. Although cold weather is rare in Santa Barbara, it can be a bit chilly. At these times most people will want to close their blinds. With the thickness of wood or faux wood blinds, they are more like doors when they are completely closed, and can keep the warm indoor air from escaping.

4. They provide extra privacy throughout the home. Shutters can bring their protection to any window that they are installed on, but they don’t necessarily need a window to exist. The options for shutters are flexible enough to allow them to be installed on everything from skylights, to sliding glass doors, or stand alone and divide a specific room to add occasional privacy.

5. They reduce energy consumption. To some extent, any window covering in Santa Barbara can help reduce the amount of energy used in the home, but shutters serve this purpose a little better. By utilizing the best of the natural air and the heat and light of the sun, homeowners with shutters in Santa Barbara are less likely to need to use their air conditioners, or fire up the furnaces. They may even be able to function in their home with very few artificial lights, making their energy bills and “footprint” much lower.

Shutters look good. In addition to all of the practical benefits of shutters, many people like them because of the look, and will have exterior wood shutters put on the outside of their home. Even though they don’t serve as much of a purpose, having exterior shutters can signify that shutters are installed inside as well, prompting others to consider their benefits. Whether they are installed inside or outside, homeowners have many attractive and affordable shutters to choose from, including vinyl shutters, wood shutters, and faux wood shutters. It’s important to look at all options carefully before deciding what is right for you.