Blackout Shades for bedroom

Blackout Shades and Other Window Treatment Ideas for Perfect Sleep

Blackout shades and other room darkening window treatments offer an advantage in controlling the lighting in your home, especially where it pertains to the hours during sleep. It’s well known that sleep is an important requirement to a healthy life. Research shows that insomnia in the short term can cause our thinking to be as impaired as drinking alcohol and that it can impede our ability to think and complete tasks. What you might not realize is that insomnia over a prolonged period can cause permanent health risks like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Blackout Shades for bedroom

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There are a number of healthy lifestyle changes you can make to improve your sleep patterns. One interesting discovery points out that the “blue light” from mobile devices, monitors and television screens can disturb our sleep and researches tell us to stop blue light activities two hours before going to bed. There are also important changes you can make to your sleep environment. Most people have no idea how important their home decor really is to their overall health. They think of it as just a luxury or preference but your home environment sets the mood for your entire life. Your bedroom may not be the first area you think about with regard to esthetics. Most people spend a great deal of time decorating rooms that other people will see and they deprive themselves of the same care and concern. Your bedroom decor, more than any other space, impacts your life. The proper environment here will aid your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and even alter your mood when you wake in the morning.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas to Promote Health and Happiness

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are thinking about renovating, don’t skimp on the bedroom. Your room should be comfortable. It should be an oasis where you feel free to relax. If you do use your bedroom for a workspace, make sure work activities can be put neatly away so they don’t distract you when it’s time to unwind and fall asleep. The decorations should be something you find pleasing and comfortable. The window treatments should serve two (2) purposes – to help eliminate outside distractions and to be visually pleasing.

Best bedroom treatments

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    • Blackout Shades

Blackout Shades work exactly as the name suggests. These shades keep the light completely out of the room and they also offer extra protection to keep cold, heat, and noise to a minimum in the indoor environment. These shades can be drawn manually or through motorization and offer a sleek, clean appearance. For those who want the windows dressed up a bit more, decorative touches, such as swags, valances, or draperies can be added over the windows, as well.

    • Roman Shades

Roman shades in Santa Barbara offer a very classic look and are often designed with exquisite fabric to match any decor you prefer. They can be custom made for each window and look elegant whether raised or closed. For more options in keeping outside light from the room, blackout liners may be used to enhance the shades ability to block outside influences. Patterns and designs can also add a decorative touch, though often times they are a decorative touch all on their own.

    • Valances

Valances offer an extra esthetic to your design and can enhance the look of blinds and shades in thousand oaks and surroundings. You might hang a valance made of the same material as the window treatment, or you can choose a matching material. You might also decide to use fabric swags to enhance the appeal of your room and add a bit of color. The extra benefit to using a valance for sleep is that it eliminates any light that might come in from the top of your window treatment and serves to help keep the room lighting optimal.

    • Shutters

Shutters are another option for bedrooms and they offer the added benefit of better protection from the elements than sheerer fabrics can deliver. Shutters can be made to size in a variety of colors or in natural wood so that they can enhance any room decor. They are also an excellent option for anyone with allergies because they can be easily cleaned and won’t attract dust the way fabric can.

    • Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are an excellent option for a number of reasons. First, they compact tightly so they leave your window completely unobstructed when retracted. Second, Cellular Shades are also easy to clean, many are made of materials that can be wiped with a damp cloth. They also offer wonderful options in opacity & lighting control, as well as different operational features; you might decide to install top down / bottom up shades, which operate just like the name suggests, either from the bottom up like a regular shade or from the top down; giving you the ability to bring fresh sunlight into your bedroom without being viewed by neighbors. They also offer excellent resistance to heat transfer, helping to keep warm air inside in the winter and warm air out in the summer – reducing heating and cooling expenditures.

    • Drapery

Drapery is an excellent option for any bedroom, whether as a decorative enhancement with underlying blinds or shades or all on their own. Another idea is to add sheers over room darkening drapery, so heavy draperies can be drawn to allow sunlight during the day without allowing the full sun into the room which can harm the color of furniture and wood. Drapery can be chosen to match any design and, with the proper fit and addition of black out lining and a valence, these window treatments can eliminate most all of the outside light from disturbing your slumber.

Blackout Shades and Other Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas to Improve Decor

The window treatments you choose in your bedroom have an effect on your day to day life. We at Arjay’s Window Fashion will help you to choose an option that’s pleasing to your style and senses but which also helps eliminate outside noise, lights, and distractions. Many homeowners take a great deal more time in choosing decor for rooms which are used to entertain, such as the Living Room and Dining Room. Your bedroom decor is your opportunity to make choices to please the most important person in your house – yourself.